Radio KAOS is a multimedia radio station based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A two-time recepient of Award for Innovation by Ljubljana Chamber of Commerce it creates a dynamic and appealing multimedia programme, based on radio format, but enhanced with video content, both live and on-demand.

Radio KAOS content ranges from politics to culture and sports, from economy to social issues and minorites. Our programme is broadcasted via internet on this website (www.radiokaos.info) and on our mobile website (mobile.radiokaos.info), as well as on Channel 60 on Ljubljanski kabel (part of UPC), A Ljubljana-area cable operator

Our music rock-based, but we do not shy away from pop music or chart busters. We just don’t overdo them, that’s all. Instead, we use the space to promote Slovenian bands and expose our users to other genres as well, mostly blues, swing, some jazz and world music.

Radio KAOS is a registered trademark and is owned by Skupina KAOS, d.o.o., a limited liability company which produces and owns copyright to Radio KAOS content as well as any other intelectucal copyright.

We can be reached by email, telephone and telefax or snail mail

You can also phone in:

  • General inquiries: +386 1 2429620
  • Desk: +386 1 2429622
  • Management: +386 1 2429624
  • Fax: +386 1 2429626
  • Studio: +386 1 2429628
  • SMS: +386 51 322500

Or send us a postcard to

    Radio KAOS
    Slovenska cesta 27
    p.p. 1570
    SI-1101 Ljubljana